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Cerita rakyat dari Central Sulawesi

Cerita rajyat dari Central Sulawesi 
Legend of Batu Bagga 

Long time ago in Sulawesi Island, lived a man named Intobu. He lived alone with his only son, named Impalak. They were poor. Everyday they work as fishermen. They went to the sea every night to catch fish, even in bad weather. Intobu always advised his son, “Being fishermen is our only income. Do not take the bad weather as our enemy.” Impalak nodded. “Yes, Father,” he replied.
Intobu and Impalak worked as fishermen for years. But, Impalak started to feel bored with the job. He wanted to try something new. He wanted to make a better living for his father and himself. One day, Impalak tried to talk to his father about his desire. “Father…, please forgives me,” Impalak felt hesitated. “What is it, my son?” Intobu was curious seeing his son’s strange attitude. “Father, actually I want to quit working as fisherman. I want to go abroad and try working something else,” explained Impalak.
Intobu was sad hearing his son’s decision, but he also wanted Impalak to be a successful person. “If that is your decision, I couldn’t do anything else but to allow you. I can only pray for your safety and success” said Intobu. “But I want you to always remember your homeland. Always remember your father,” he continued. “Yes, Father. I will remember. Thank you,” said Impalak happily.
In the next day, Impalak went to the harbor. He saw a bagga (sailboat) and went to see the owner. “Excuse me, Sir. I’m wondering if I can sail with you?” asked Impalak. The bagga’s owner was silent for a moment. “It’s not a problem for me. But why do you want to sail with me, and have you asked permission from your parents?” asked the bagga’s owner then. “I worked here as fishermen with my father, but I want to try my luck abroad. My father already agreed with my plan,” said Impalak. “All right, I will set sail tomorrow. Come met me here in the morning. And by the way, what’s your name?” asked the bagga’s owner. “Thank you, Sir. My name is Impalak, Sir,” Impalak answered happily.
Back in his house, Impalak told his father about the bagga boat. “When do you depart?” asked Intobu. “Tomorrow, Father,” answered Impalak. The next morning, impalak went to the harbor together with his father. The bagga was ready to set sail. “Hurry, Impalak!” shout the bagga’s owner. Impalak kissed his father’s hand, “I’m going, Father. Take care,” said Impalak. “Go, Son. My blessing is with you,” said Intobu. There were tears in his eyes as he saw the bagga leaving the harbor.
A few years passed. Every time Intobu saw a bagga boat, he always hoped that his son is coming home. But there’s no news at all from Impalak. One day, Intobu went fishing as usual. He used his small sampan and headed to the open water near the harbor. But then he saw a bagga heading to the harbor.
When the bagga was getting close to Intobu’s sampan, he saw a handsome young man standing in front of the bagga’s deck. The young man was accompanied by his beautiful wife. Intobu recognized the young man. He was Impalak, his son. “Impalak! Impalak, my son!” Intobu shout happily.
Impalak heard his father’s shouting, but he ignored him. “Honey, there’s someone down there calling your name. Is that your father?” asked his wife. “No, he’s not my father. Just ignore him, honey” Impalak was embarrassed to acknowledge his old father in front of his beautiful wife.
Intobu tried to row his sampan closer to the bagga, but suddenly there’s a big waves in the sea. Intobu’s sampan was hit by the waves and almost drowned. “Help… Help me… Impalak, help…!” Intobu was shouting, asking help from his son. But Impalak ignored his father. He even turned his bagga into the opposite direction from Intobu’s sampan.
Intobu’s heart was broken to see his son’s ignorance. His felling is mixed with sadness and anger. He looked into the sky and prayed, “Oh, God. Please hear my prayer. I curse that rebellious son’s bagga into stone.” Not long after Intobu said the prayer, a storm came and struck Impalak’s bagga. The wind blew so hard, pushing the bagga to the shore. Suddenly, the bagga and Impalak turned into stone. The stone still exist until now. People called it Batu Bagga (Bagga Stone).***

Cerita rakyat dari Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

Cerita rakyat dari Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

The Parakeet King 

Once upon a time, there was a group of parakeets in the forest. The parakeets group was led by a king. One day, their peaceful life was threatened by a hunter who planned to catch and sell them in the market. The hunter put some glues around the par`keet’s nests to trap them. Some parakeets and the parakeet king were trapped on the glues that the hunter set up before. They had tried to release themselves from the trap, but their efforts resulted nothing. All of them cried for help, except their king. “Relax my friends! This glue is put by the hunter. He wants to catch us alive. If we die, he will not bring us with him. I suggest we all pretend to be dead when he comes to take us tomorrow. When the hunter releases us from this trap, he will checks whether we still alive or not. If he thinks we are dead, he will leave us here. Please wait for my counting to one hundred, and then we will fly together,” the parakeet king said calmly. All parakeets agreed with the idea, “Good idea. Tomorrow we will pretend to be dead to free ourselves from the hunter.”
The hunter came in the next morning, and released those parakeets one by one from the trap. Finding all of them had not breathed, the hunter was very upset. The parakeets were left unattended in the ground, and the hunter walked home. But suddenly, the hunter slipped and felt down. Surprised by the accident, the pretending parakeets flied and scattered to all directions without waiting for the king‘s counting. The hunter realized that the parakeets had deceived him. But then he saw one bird was still on the ground. It was the parakeet king who was still pretending to be dead. "Gotcha!" he seized the parakeet king. “I’ll kill you,” said the hunter in his anger. “Forgive me, sir! Please do not kill me! Please release me,” the parakeet king asked for mercy. But the hunter replied angrily, “I will not release you. Your friends and you have fooled me. But I’ll not kill you if you promise to entertain me,” the hunter said. “Okay, sir. I’ll chirp for you everyday,” said the parakeet king agreed.
The hunter then brought the parakeet king to his home. He put the parakeet in a cage. The parakeet king chirped melodiously everyday to please the hunter. “Wonderful voice, luckily I didn’t kill him,” said the hunter. The news about the beautiful voice of the parakeet king was heard by the king of Aceh. The king decided to invite the hunter to come to his palace. The king intended to buy the parakeet.
At first, the hunter refused to sell the parakeet. “Oh my Majesty, I do not intend to go up against your wish to have this bird, but it is hard for me to hand over him to you,” said the hunter. “I would like to buy him with high price,” replied the king. After thought the price offered by the king for a while, the hunter finally said, “Oh my Majesty, if you really intend to have the bird, I would gladly sell it to you.” The king was delighted to hear the hunter‘s answer, and quickly paid him the amount of the promised money.
At the palace, the parakeet king was put in a golden cage. He was given so many delicious foods, but he still felt imprisoned. He wished that he could back home to the forest and could fly freely with his parakeet fellow. His sorrow made him sick. He stopped singing at all. “Why does my beloved bird stop chirping? Is he sick?” the king asked the guard. “My Majesty, I do not know exactly the causes. I have provided him with many delicious foods and taken care of him carefully, but he still keeps silent,” replied the guard. The king was so sad hearing the guard‘s explanation.
Meanwhile, in his golden cage, the parakeet king began to think a way to escape. He came up with an idea. “I will pretend to be dead as I had ever done before,” he said to himself. In the next morning he began to do his plan and imagined could fly freely. The palace guard who saw the condition of the parakeet king came to the king to tell the bad news. The king was very sad hearing the news, because the parakeet‘s beautiful twitter was no longer be heard. To express his love for the parakeet king, the king had his guards dug a cemetery for the dead parakeet.
The burial ceremony would be held with the kingdom tradition in the next morning. The parakeet was then taken out from the golden cage. Everybody thought that he had been dead. Suddenly, the parakeet king flied fast and high on the sky. All people were amazed seeing him, because they thought that he had died. The parakeet king got his freedom again, and flied directly to the forest.***

Mentiko Betuah 

A long time ago, there was a kingdom in Simeulue, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The king and the queen had a son, Prince Rohib. They loved the prince very much and they always gave him anything he wanted. That’s why the prince grew as a spoiled young man. The prince was then sent to study in a school. The King told him to study seriously. But because the prince was used to be spoiled, he couldn’t finish his study in time. The King was so angry. He realized his mistake. He wanted to give the prince a lesson. He then ordered the prince to leave the palace and became a merchant. "I will give you some money. Use the money only for trading. Don't come back until you are rich!" said the king.
Prince Rohib was sad. He knew his father was angry with him because he was a spoiled boy. He then promised himself that he could become a great merchant. After he left the palace, he went to a village. While he was walking, he saw some kids were trying to shoot a bird using their slingshots. “Stop… Don't hurt the bird!” Rohib tried to stop the kids. “Hey, it’s none of your business,” replied one of the kids. “I'll give you some money if you stop hurting the bird," said Rohib. After that, he gave some money to those kids.
Later on his journey, Rohib saw some men were torturing a snake. Again, he asked them to stop hurting the snake. He also gave them some money. He kept on giving some money to people who tortured animals. Finally he ran out of money. He was so worried. He knew he could not become a merchant without any money in his pocket. He was also scared of going home. He knew that his father would be very angry at him.
The prince then went to the forest because he didn’t know anywhere to go. He was so tired, so he took some rest. While he was sitting under a big tree, a giant snake came to him. He was so scared. “Don't worry, young man. I will not eat you,” said the giant snake. “You…you can talk? Who are you?” Rohib asked. “I am the king of snakes in this jungle. I heard you helped many animals from being tortured. Now, I want to give you a gift. This is Mentiko Betuah. This magical stone can give you anything you want." Then the snake went deep into the forest. The prince was very happy. He asked the Mentiko Betuah to give him a lot of money. Then he went home and told his father that the money was from his business as a merchant.
Rohib kept the Mentiko Betuah carefully. He then went to a goldsmith and asked him to make the magical stone as a ring. But the goldsmith stole the Mentiko Betuah. Luckily Rohib had made friends to the animals. He asked a cat, a dog, and a mouse to help him find Mentiko Betuah. The dog followed the smell of the goldsmith, and they found his hideaway. However they could not enter his house because it was locked. Only the mouse was small enough to enter through a small hole in the door.
After waiting for a moment, the mouse came out of the house. He said he could not find the magical stone. After that they all went back to the palace. The cat and the dog did not know that the mouse actually had found the magical stone. He was hiding it in his mouth. The mouse then gave the Mentiko Betuah to the prince. Rohib was so happy and said that the mouse was the hero. The cat and the dog were jealous and angry. They knew that the mouse had tricked them. According to the local people, that’s why until now cats and dogs always tried to catch mice.***

cerita rakyat dari bali

Cerita rakyat from Bali

Kebo Iwa

Once upon a time in Bali, lived a wealthy man and his wife. They have been married for a long time but did not have any children. They prayed to God to give them a child. They prayed and prayed. God finally answered their pray. The wife got pregnant and they had a baby boy. They were very happy. The baby was extraordinary. He was very much different from other babies. He ate and drank a lot. Day after day he ate more and more. His body was getting bigger and bigger. And by the time he was a teenager, his body was as big as a buffalo. That’s why people called him Kebo Iwa, it means uncle buffalo. Because of his eating habit, Kebo Iwa’s parents spent a lot of money to buy his food. They finally went bankrupt. They had no other choice but to ask the villagers to help them provide the food.
The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. He was like a giant. He could not stay in his parents’ house anymore because of his big body. After a few months, the villagers also couldn’t afford to cook him the food anymore. They then asked Kebo Iwa to cook his own food. The villagers just prepared the raw materials. Kebo Iwa agreed and as an expression of his gratitude to the villagers, he help built a dam, dug wells, and he also protected the villagers from animals and people who wanted to attack their village. It was easy task for him since he also had incredible strength.
Meanwhile, the kingdom of Majapahit was planning to attack Bali. They knew about Kebo Iwa. And they also knew that they could not conquer Bali with Kebo Iwa there. Kebo Iwa was more powerful than they were. The Maha Patih of Majapahit then planned something. They were pretending to invite Kebo Iwa to Majapahit to help them dig some wells. They said that Majapahit was suffering from a long dry season and needed water. Kebo Iwa did not know the plan, so he went to Majapahit to help them. When Kebo Iwa was busy digging a well, the Majapahit troops covered the well. Kebo Iwa had difficulty in breathing and buried alive. He died inside the well. After the death of Kebo Iwa, Bali was conquered by Majapahit. Until now, people still remember Kebo Iwa because he had done a lot for Bali.***

Manik Angkeran

A long time ago, lived a rich man named Begawan Sidi Mantra. He was very famous for his kindness and also for his supernatural power. He had a son named Manik Angkeran who liked to gamble. Because of Manik Angkeran’s bad habit, his father soon bankrupt. Begawan Sidi Mantra had spent all of his money to pay his son‘s debts. But, Manik Angkeran still liked to gamble and he still owed some people a lot of money.
Begawan Sidi Mantra wanted to help his son to pay the remaining debts. He meditated for days, and finally he got a clue from the gods to go to Agung Mountain. He went to the mountain. There, he met with a dragon named Naga Besukih. It is said that Naga Besukih could provide gold and jewelries to those who could say a certain prayer and ring the sacred bell. Fortunately, Begawan Sidi Mantra had the bell, and he also knew the prayer from his meditation. “My name is Sidi Mantra. I have a problem. My son likes to gamble. I’ve spent all of my money to pay his debts, but it’s still not enough. I came here to ask for your help,” explained Begawan Sidi Mantra after he met with Naga Besukih. “I’ll help you, but you have to advise your son so he would not gamble again,” said Naga Besukih. The dragon then shakes his body and cause some of his scales fall of. Magically, the scales turn into gold and diamonds.
Begawan Sidi Mantra took the gold and diamonds and return home. He paid all the remaining debt and advised his son about his gambling habit. Manik Angkeran promised to stop gambling, but soon he broke the promise. Bagawan Sidi Mantra had to go to the dragon for help once again. “What brought you here again?” asked Naga Besukih. “I’m very sorry, Naga Besukih. My son had disappointed me; he broke his promise to me. I beg for your help once again,” said Begawan Sidi Mantra to the dragon. “I’ll help you, but this is the last time,” said Naga Besukih.
Begawan Sidi Mantra once again paid Manik Angkeran’s debts and advised him not to gamble again. Manik Angkeran promised and soon he broke his promise again. This time, Begawan Sidi Mantra didn’t want to help him anymore. He was too ashamed to meet with the dragon.
Manik Angkeran knew that his father got the jewelries from the dragon. So, he stole his father’s sacred bell and went to Agung Mountain. After he arrived, Manik Angkeran rang the bell. Naga Besukih heard the bell but there’s no prayer. He decided to see who was calling him. “Hey, Manik Angkeran. What are you doing here with your father’s bell? Did you steal it?” asked Naga Besukih angrily when he saw Manik Angkeran. “Please help me, Naga Besukih. I really need the money to pay my debts. Those people would kill me if I don’t pay them in time. Please, I beg for your mercy,” said Manik Angkeran to the dragon. “Okay, I’ll help you. But this is the last time, and you have to promise to stop gambling,” Naga Besukih then give him the jewelries.
But suddenly, Manik Angkeran had a bad idea. He wanted to kill the dragon and take all the jewelries. So he drew his keris and attacked Naga Besukih. He managed to cut the dragon’s tail, but he was no match for Naga Besukih. With his great power, Naga Besukih burned Manik Angkeran and killed him instantly.
In his home, Begawan Sidi Mantra couldn’t find his sacred bell. He knew that his son had stolen it, so he went to Agung Mountain. He was so sad when he found out what happened in the mountain. “I’m very sorry, Naga Besukih. But he was my only son. I beg you, please bring him back to life,” Begawan Sidi Mantra begged the dragon for mercy. Naga Besukih agreed with one condition, Manik Angkeran had to stay at Agung Mountain. Naga Besukih said some prayer and after few moments, Manik Angkeran lived again. Begawan Sidi Mantra then used a stick to make a big line between them on the ground. From the line, water flowed. Soon it became a river. Finally it became a strait. It separated Java and Bali. People then named the strait as Bali Strait.***

Cerita rakyat dari Riau

Cerita rakyat from Riau

Dang Gedunai

Long time ago in Riau, lived a kid named Dang Gedunai. He lived with his mother. Dang Gedunai was a stubborn kid. His mother was sad. Dang Gedunai was her only child but he never made her happy. One day, Dang Gedunai went to the river to catch some fish. “Mother, I want to go to the river. I want to go fishing,” said Dang Gedunai to his mother. “It’s cloudy outside. Rain will soon fall. Why don’t you just stay at home?” said his mother. As always Dang Gedunai ignored her. He then went to the river.
It was very cloudy when he arrived at the river. Soon it was drizzling, but Dang Gedunai was still busy fishing. Later rain fell down heavily. Dang Gedunai finally gave up. However right before he left, he saw something shining in the river. It was a very big egg. Dang Gedunai then brought the egg home.
His mother was surprised to see him brought a big egg. “What egg is that? Where did you find it?” she asked. “I found it in the river, Mother,” replied Dang Gedunai. “Be careful with the egg. It’s not yours. You should return it,” advised his mother. As always, Dang Gedunai ignored his mother’s advice. He planned to eat the egg even though his mother said not to.
In the morning, his mother was ready to go to the paddy field. Again, she advised Dang Gedunai to put the egg back to the river. Dang Gedunai did not say anything. When his mother left the house, he immediately boiled the egg. Then he ate it. It was so delicious. He was so full and suddenly he fell asleep. He had a dream. A giant dragon came to him in his dream. “Human, you stole my egg! For the punishment, you will become a dragon.”
Dang Gedunai woke up with fear. He was sweating. He felt very thirsty. Later his mother went home. She saw her son panicking. “What happened?” she asked. “I don’t know, Mother. Suddenly I feel very thirsty. My throat is like burning,” said Dang Gedunai. His mother then gave him a glass of water. It’s not enough. He drank another glass, and then another glass until there was not any water left in the house. His mother told him to go the pond. Dang Gedunai drank all the water until the pond was dried. But it was not enough. Then they went to the river.
Again it was not enough. Dang Gedunai knew his dream would come true. He would become a dragon. “Mother, please forgive me. I ignored you. I ate the egg. It was a dragon’s egg. I will change to a dragon. I cannot live with you anymore. I will live in the sea. If you see big waves in the sea, that means I’m eating. But if the waves are calmed, then it means I’m sleeping,” said Dang Gedunai.
Then Dang Gedunai left his mother. He headed for the sea. His mother couldn’t do anything to stop him. She just cried. Until now fishermen don’t want to go fishing in the sea when the waves are big. They know that the dragon is eating. They just wait until the dragon is finished eating and the waves are calmed.***

The Greedy Man

Once upon a time in Riau, lived a pair of husband and wife. They were very poor. The wife was very diligent, while the husband was very lazy. He just slept and slept everyday. He did not want to help his wife to earn a living. The wife was helpless, she often prayed to God to help her husband.
One night the husband had a dream. In his dream, an old man came to him. He told the husband to take his sampan and went to river. "Go to the middle of the river and wait until a rope appears from the river. Take the rope slowly, and then you will find a golden chain. You can cut and take it, but don't take the chain too long," said the old man. The husband then woke up from his dream.
In the next day, the husband took his sampan and went to river. He wanted to do the old man's advice as said in his dream last night. "Where are you going?" asked the wife. She was so surprised to see her husband was busy preparing the sampan. "I want to go fishing, Honey. See you later!" the husband didn’t want to tell his wife about his dream. He knew his wife would think he was crazy by following up a dream.
After the husband arrived in the river, he rowed his sampan until he reached the middle of the river. He then looked around the water surface very carefully. Suddenly a rope appeared from the river. "The old man was right!" said the husband to himself. He then slowly pulled the rope and at the end of the rope he saw a golden chain! The chain was sparkling and glowing. It was made from pure gold. "Wow! It’s really made of gold. I’m rich. I’m rich," the husband said happily. He kept pulling the chain. He forgot the old man's advice to take only short chain because it was enough for him. The poor man became greedy. He wanted to take the golden chain as long as possible.
While he was busy pulling out the golden chain, a bird came to him. It talked, "Remember the old man's advice. Take only a short golden chain." But the poor man ignored the bird and kept on pulling out the chain. Slow but sure, his sampan was full of the golden chain. It was so full that finally the sampan could not hold the weight any more. The sampan started to drown. The golden chain was sinking and went to the bottom of the river creating a big wave in the river. The wave almost swallowed the poor man. He was so panicked. He swam as fast as possible to the river side.
When he arrived on the river side, he felt sorry to himself. He blamed himself for being a greedy man. But it was already too late. But then he realized that it was a lesson for him to work hard if he wanted to earn money.***

Cerita rakyat dari Bangka-Belitung

Cerita rakyat from Bangka-Belitung
The Blowpiper

Long time ago in a small village in Bangka Island, lived a young man who was an expert in using blowpipe, especially for hunting. That why people in the village called him the blowpiper. He also had excellent medical skill that was passed down from his late father. One day, the village chief Pak Raje came to the blowpiper’s house, asking him to chase away the fold of wild boars that entered and ruined his paddies. Pak Raje told the blowpiper that his father once owed him some money. Thus, the blowpiper should work for him voluntarily. The blowpiper took the job, though he would not be paid.
In the next day, the blowpiper went to Pak Raje‘s field. He watched the field and did some patrols to every side of the fields. He watched the field everyday, but he still not found any suspicious movements. Entering the seventh day of his work, the blowpiper noticed a suspicious movement from the far distance. He walked slowly to the source of vnice where he saw a fold of boars trying to enter the field. The blowpiper then hid behind a big tree with a blowpipe in his hand. When the fold of boars ruined the paddies, the blowpiper pointed his blowpipe toward one of the boars that was closest to him. He blew his blowpipe. The dart hit the boar, but it didn’t paralyze the boar as the blowpiper expected. The fold of boars then runs outside the field and disappeared from the blowpiper‘s view. “Hmm... My dart had hit one of them, it must hurt it,” said the blowpiper curiously.
In the morning, the blowpiper went to follow the blood trail of the boar he shot last night. The trail led him to the forest and finally it ended in front of a big cave. Cautiously, the blowpiper entered the cave. He was surprised to found a beautiful lady bleeding on a soft bed, surrounded by some other beautiful ladies. One of them was an old lady, the mother of the fainted lady. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” asked the old lady. “I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m looking for my lost dart, it was stuck to a wild boar,” the blowpiper explained to the old lady. “The stuff you are looking for is on my daughter,” said the old lady angrily. “How come it is on your daughter?” asked the blowpiper surprised. “That’s because... the boar that you shot with your blowpipe last night is in fact my daughter‘s manifestation,” explained the old woman sadly.
The old woman‘s explanation surprised the blowpiper. “So..., all of you were the boars that I saw last night?” asked the young man. “What you have said is right young man,” answered the old woman softly. “I did not mean to…. I am so sorry to hear that. I would not do that if I knew that the boars were you,” the blowpiper apologized. “Never mind,” said the old woman. “Forget all about that. The most important thing right now is how to release the dart from my daughter‘s body,” added the old woman sadly. “I can help you with that,” said the blowiper. He came closer to the beautiful lady and uncovered the blanket. He then took out the dart from her body and with his medical skill he immediately stopped the bleeding.
In a short time, the wound recovered, leaving no traces. “Now, she has recovered. Let me go home now. May be we can meet again someday,” said the blowpiper politely. “Yes young man... But before you leave, I have something to give to you as my gratitude,” said the old lady while giving the blowpiper a wooden box. “Do not open the box until you’re in home,” added the old lady. “Thank you for your kindness,” said the blowpiper. He then left the cave and returned home. At his home, the blowpiper opened the wooden box. Surprisingly, the young man found jewelry, gold and diamonds inside the box. “Wow...! I’m rich,” murmured the young man happily.
In the next morning, the blowpiper sold all the precious stuff and used the money he got to purchase a field, garden, house, and paid all debt his father had owed to Pak Raje. The news about the blowpiper fortune quickly spread throughout the village. Everyone knew including Pak Raje. He intended to be like the blowpiper, so he went to borrow the blowpipe from the blowpiper to hunt a boar in his own field. On the way, he met with a boar, and shot it with the blowpipe. Then he followed the blood trail left by the boar until he entered the cave. It was like what happened with the blowpiper. Pak Raje was asked to cure the bleeding woman, but he could do that as he had no such skill. Suddenly, tens of boars attacked him, making him bleeding and seriously wounded. With all his strength, he escaped from the cave. He fainted when he finally arrived in front of his own house.
Pak Raje’s daughter informed what happened to her father to the blowpiper. Hearing the bad news, the blowpiper rushed to Pak Raje‘s house to help him. With his medical skill, he tried to cure Pak Raje’s injuries. Finally, Pak Raje could make it and recovered from his serious wounds. After thinking about what he had been through, Pak Raje realized his own bad intention. He felt sorry for being greedy. “Thank you, young man. You’ve help me once again. As my gratitude, I would like to appoint you as the next village chief. Would you accept?” asked Pak Raje. “Of course, Pak Raje. Thank you,” answered the blowpiper happily.
After a week, the blowpiper asked Pak Raje’s daughter to be his wife. They live happily as a couple. The blowpiper was a polite and kind person, and Pak Raje’s daughter was a beautiful woman. Under the leadership of the blowpiper, all the villagers lived in prosperous and harmony.***

Cerita rakyat dari Nusa Tenggara Barat

Cerita rakyat from Nusa Tenggara Barat 
Princess Mandalika

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Lombok Island that was ruled by a king named Raja Tonjang Beru. He was a wise king. He had a queen named Dewi Seranting. He also had a beautiful daughter named Princess Mandalika. It is said that princess Mandalika was the prettiest girl in the whole island. Everybody knew about Princess Mandalika’s beauty and kindness, even the people from other kingdom around the island.
Princes from all over the place wanted to marry her. One by one, they came to propose her. Princess Mandalika was a kind girl. She hated to make people sad. So, when those princes came to propose her, she was very confused. She could not decide, and she didn’t want to make them sad. She also didn’t want to cause a war to happen because of her.
To solve the problem, Raja Tonjang Beru then held a competition in Seger Kuta beach. He asked all the princes to take part in archery competition. The rule was simple; whoever shot the target perfectly will be accepted as Princess Mandalika’s future husband. One by one, all participants tried their best. After some time, there was no winner. All the participants were great in archery.
Because there was no a winner, all the participants started to argue. They claimed to be the best. The argument was getting hotter. Finally, they all were fighting. Soon, the fighting got bigger. It was like a war, because all the princes brought their soldiers in the archery competition. Princess Mandalika was really worried. She did not want the war to get bigger and hurt many people. Finally, she had an idea. "Everybody, listen up! I know you all love me and want me to be your wife. But I don't want you to fight because of me. And I don't want you to be sad either. I want you all to have me, but not as your wife. I want to be someone that everybody can have," said Princess Mandalika.
Raja Tonjang Beru and all other people in the beach did not understand what she meant. The king then came to her. But suddenly, Princess Mandalika jumped to the sea. She disappeared in the big waves. Everybody was surprised. It was chaos on the beach. All the princes tried to swim to find the princess, but they found nothing.
After several hours trying to search the princess, suddenly they found a lot of colorful sea worms on the beach. Raja Tonjang Beru then realized that his daughter had returned as sea worms. The worms were then called nyale. Until now, people in Lombok always try to catch nyale. Nyale is very delicious and that is why a lot of people come to Lombok to catch it. However, they can only find it once a year, in February or March. The tradition to catch the sea worms is called Bau Nyale.***

Cerita rakyat dari Papua

Cerita rakyat from Papua
Biwar and the Dragon

One day, the people from the village of Mimika were very busy. They prepared twelve boats and set off on a journey to find sago (traditional food of the people in the island of Papua). After three days, their boats were filled with sago. But on their way back to the village, they were attacked by a dragon. The dragon’s tail caused a big wave in the river. Most of the villagers were drown, but there’s a woman who managed to save herself. She was hanging to a tree log and finally arrives in a land.
The woman was the only survivor from the incident. She was pregnant. Her boat was broken so she couldn’t go back to the village. The woman then lived in the forest near the river. Later she gave birth to a son. She named her son Biwar. He grew up as a skillful hunter. He can make various weapons, set traps to catch animals, and provided sufficient food for both of them.
One day he brought some fish for their food. When his mother saw him bringing fish, she asked where Biwar got them. He said it was from the river. The mother was still afraid of the dragon, so she forbade Biwar to go near the river again. She also told him about his father and the villagers that were killed by the dragon, "Your father was killed by the dragon. I'm the only one survived from the incident. That's why we live alone here, Son."
Biwar then decided to hunt the dragon so that he and his mother could go back to the village. He set traps near the river. Then he made some noise by playing the tifa (traditional drums). Attracted by the noise, the dragon came to Biwar. When the dragon started to attack, Biwar pulled the rope that linked to his traps, releasing spears that hit the dragon’s head directly. The dragon died instantly.
Biwar then came to his mother and told her about the death of the dragon. The next day, he built a boat and set sail to return to the village. When they arrived in the village, all the people were so happy to hear the news about the dragon’s death. Thanks to Biwar, they are not afraid to sail in the river anymore.***